1. All residents are expected to abide by the points outlined in our Leasing Policies.  Failure to do so may be considered grounds for eviction.
  2. Monthly rental payments are due on the first of each month.
  3. Utilities are not included in the rental amount unless otherwise specified on your lease.
  4. Pets are conditional at selected properties with a pet application and  fees.
  5. Maintenance repairs are normally performed Monday-Friday during normal business hours.
  6. We require all residents to report leaks, broken windows, doors, locks, smoke detectors, leaks, outdoor lighting repairs and all other security issues to our office immediately.
  7. We require all residents to obtain renter’s insurance for their personal property.
  8. For the protection of all parties, subletting is not permitted.  Only parties listed on the lease agreement are permitted to live in the properties. 
  9. We require our residents to act responsibly and to be responsible for all invited guests.  Large gatherings, use of alcohol by minors, or the use of illegal drugs is not permitted.
  10. A Rental Application shall be submitted by each resident on the lease along with a $60 application fee for each leasee. 
  11. If a resident must break a lease prior to the full term, the resident will be responsible for the fee of $100, the cost of changing locks, and the monthly rent for the full term of the lease until another tenant can be obtained for the property.
  12. Kerosene heaters are strictly forbidden.
  13. There is a no smoking policy in all properties.